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Irina Tarasenco

The Empowered Mindset Summit

The Empowered Mindset Summit is a powerful online show that consists of more than 20 interviews designed to help you discover top mindset hacks to get unstuck and lead an abundant life.

We discuss the power of clarity, words and the questions we ask ourselves, as well as how to overcome mindset blocks and cultivate a growth mindset.

You'll hear us speaking about self-compassion, self-love and why that's not egoistic.

Each interview is special because it focuses on how to develop an empowered mindset in specific areas of life.

It will provide you with strategies and practical tools that you can start implementing immediately!

You don't want to miss any of these interviews for another important reason!

Each guest speaker is coming with a FREE GIFT, something they created to help you in your personal growth journey you can access at no cost!

~  Summit Episodes  ~

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Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
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Creating Marriage From an Empowered Mindset
Control Your Reality by Choosing Empowerment
Sexually Confident Through an Empowered Mindset
Own the Power Within
Rebuilding After a Life Crisis
Accessing Your Higher Consciousness
Define Your Success
Being Authentic and Selling Smarter
Discover Your Strengths To Be Empowered
Believe in Yourself to Make Powerful Decisions
Discover How to Lead an Integrated Life
Attune to Yourself to Heal From Trauma
The Meaning and Purpose of Life
Believe That Is Possible and Commit To Achieve!
Align With Your Soul To Power Up
Redefine Success From The Inside Out
Rewire Your Brain To Build Empowering Habits
Be Open to Growth And Change
Connect From an Empowered Mindset 
Become The Leader of Your Mind
Develop and Expansionary Mind
Own Who You Are and Act In Your Own Light!
BONUS Episode: Go Big on Responsibility and Self-Discipline!

Hi, I'm Irina Tarasenco!

I have been interested in people and their life situations, and I express a genuine interest in the clients I serve. I approach each client, couple or family, with an open heart and mind.

I believe that a supportive, caring, and honest relationship is of the utmost importance and I strive to maintain a compassionate and open-minded consciousness throughout the therapy process.

My educational background includes a Master's Degree Diploma in Psychosocial Intervention and Psychotherapy from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania. I have a B.A. In Psychology from the Free International University of Moldova, and a certificate of graduate study in Trauma Counselling, from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

If you feel that you are ready to commit to bringing about positive change in your life, I encourage you to take that first step.

Together, we will develop goals that you want to reach and create a plan on how to get there.

~ What People Say About Their Experience ~

"Thank you very much for reaching out and for the wonderful work you do! I thoroughly enjoy watching the Empowerment Summit 🙏🏼 Thank you for your generosity in facilitating a replay 😊"

~ Michelle

"Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share. It's wonderful people like you that give people like me a place to share this information. Because the intention is to just help as many people as I can."

~ Dr. Debi

"Thank you! It's been so great to be on this thing. And I just love the fact that we get to share this time together. I'm excited for anybody who's watching this. Every part of this has just been a joy. So, Irina, thank you for having me."

~ Mike

"Thank you so much and thank you for putting this all together. It's gonna reach out and help a lot of people. Our words are going to be out there for a very long time and help a lot of people."

~ Spike

"Thank you so much for having me. It's really been amazing to share this message with others because I think it is so powerful, and there are people out there. Sometimes, we don't know who they are, or they're in the shadows of their quiet-abouts surgery, they're not sharing their story. So, I'm really excited to share my story and to share the work that I do because I do think that it's part of the larger mindset community. And I do think it's so important. Thank you so much!"

~ Kristin

"Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this and I hope that everyone can take away something from this."

~ Jennifer

"It's a real joy to see you and other people on this empowered mindset summit to become our best to help the world. Good luck in that!"

~ Brent

"I just want to take a moment to extend a most heartfelt thank you to you for providing the Empowering Summit. It is very much appreciated! It is apparent that a lot of work was involved in its creation as is also very obvious your commitment, knowledge and kind spirit. I enjoyed the summit extensively. Thanks again, Irina. You are one of a kind! Much gratitude..."

~ Anne

"Thank you so much for doing all that your doing
to help people realize how truly powerful they are."

~ Sharon

"Thank you so much, Irina, for having me! This has meant so much to me. I am honored to be here with all the other amazing guests (and I am married to one of them -- so I'm a little biased on that one).

But I am so grateful for you and for this opportunity, and for all the work that you are doing to help spread what an empowered mindset really is and help people to just step into their power, their light, and their inner queen or king-like leading as the awesome badasses that they are. And that is why I'm so grateful to you for. And I meet you here, queen to queen."

~ Kimberly

"I commend you and thank you for doing this beautiful work you're doing, and for this body of work that you put together.
It's going to bless so many!"

~ Gretchen

"A big thank you to you for doing all this work, putting all these together, bringing your expertise to the world. You're a gift as well! Thank you!"

~ Liz

"Thank you for having me on. It was an honor to be on the summit, and just be able to participate and share some (hopefully) awesome knowledge with everybody that they can extract something from, improve their life and business along the journey somewhere."

~ Josh

"It's an honor and a pleasure to do the work that I do. Thanks for highlighting all of us and getting positive energy and education out there. Thank you so much!"

~ Cheryl

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